Prayer for Healing

You can be healed

You can be healed!

“He put upon himself our weaknesses, and he carried away our diseases and made us well.” ~ Matthew 8:17 (TPT)

We have witnessed many amazing and wonderful miracles. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, your gender, your past or anything else about you. The truth is that our God is a good God who wants you to be well and full of life. Sickness is never his will.

Our ministry team is ready to pray and stand in faith with you for your healing. Nothing is too hard for God. You can trust Him today! We love you. Remember to tell us when you receive your miracle.

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101 Things God Said About Healing

We encourage you to read and meditate on healing scriptures from the Bible. Here is a list of ‘101 Things God Said About Healing’ (written by Keith Moore – Moore Life Ministries). As you meditate on these scriptures, begin to say out loud the same thing as God about your situation.

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